"BLACK DIAMOND - OriginTimes" Luxury Exhibition Quad Automatic Watch Winder-MADE IN GERMANY BY MTE "BLACK DIAMOND - OriginTimes" Luxury Exhibition Quad Automatic Watch Winder-MADE IN GERMANY BY MTE Default Manufacturer "BLACK DIAMOND" Luxury Display Exhibition Quad Automatic Watch Winder-MADE IN GERMANY BY MTE blackdiamondmte 604500230 5950.00 Watch Winder Works
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"BLACK DIAMOND - OriginTimes" Luxury Exhibition Quad Automatic Watch Winder-MADE IN GERMANY BY MTE

"BLACK DIAMOND - OriginTimes" Luxury Exhibition Quad Automatic Watch Winder-MADE IN GERMANY BY MTE
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Art in motion


Video below does not show extended resting periods

Rotations are smooth and gentle

Super silent motor

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Overview: "BLACK DIAMOND - OriginTimes" Luxury Exhibition Quad Automatic Watch Winder-MADE IN GERMANY BY MTE

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Black Diamond (OriginTimes Series) Luxury Exhibition Quad Automatic Watch Winder

Made In Germany By MTE (MotionTech Engineering)


We do agree. It is rather unusual to start an item description with a foreword; unless it is a product that warrants exceptional attention, as this winder does.

When we were initially presented with this piece of Art, our first reaction was ....WOW!   

-Harmony in (rotational) motion, Structural Art, Exquisite Materials, Total Visual Immersion.......designed and engineered to achieve the desired function of just simply keeping a watch ticking!

Could the designer have done it any more engaging?

In the over 30 years of sourcing and expanding our offer of watch winders, we were totally spellbound when this "diamond" crossed our path and almost "blinded" our vision.

The OCTAGONAL PYRAMID design, with its pointed Apex and eight seamlessly bonded glass facets, irresistibly commands your engagement.

As one can observe from the photo collage below, there is certainly some resemblance to a diamond; the "sparkle" will be evident as the circular diffuser mini LEDs ring at the base illuminate and reflect your timepieces' metal wrist bands and shiny indices and other parts of the dials as well as the spring watch-mounts.

It is certainly in good company-

The Black Diamond has many parts constructed by hand; production takes nearly three months (we have two on offer for immediate delivery); the two models on offer differ only in the construction of their Apex; as it is handmade, it will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Equipment to the Industry.

Development, CAD design and production of all watch winders, display motors and drives are mostly vertically integrated;

In-house concept, design, engineering to final production! 

In short, they are a highly respected manufacturer in Germany and are active Globally on their platform.

We have recently expanded our range of MTE watch winders.

As the only authorised distributor for MTE products in the Southern Hemisphere, their refreshing range of winders, unmatched (Made In Germany) Quality and Reliability have earned them a very special place in our premium selections.

We can state with conviction that our customers will be equally impressed.

But enough said. Below is the link to MTE, where you can further explore their History and Company activities:


Foreword by:

George Targownik

Watch Enthusiast, Collector, Director....(in that order)


"A picture tells a thousand words";

we have for you a collection that hopefully will maintain your interest as well as some videos which, being a collection of moving "pictures", presumably

will "tell" a whole encyclopedia 🙂

Please enjoy your visit with the Black Diamond Automatic Watch Winder-

Below are a few images of the BLACK DIAMOND in "posing mode- thousand words each" :

Black diamond watch winder made in Germany by MTE

Black diamond watch winder made in Germany by MTE

It is interesting to note how the design rotates the watches approx 45 backwards, orienting the dial parallel to the triangular pyramid glass facets.

This ensures optimal gravitational forces affecting the watch rotor.

To achieve this, the watch springs are mounted on the four posts of the actuator, which, as it rotates, in turn, causes the rotation of the watch springs around its posts

Black diamond watch winder made in Germany by MTE

Quality German-made electronics look after your watches (see more detail below)

Spring mounts are engineered for excellence using aerospace steel (nickel-chromium alloy steel) and are covered with a rubber lining for protection & secure positioning of your timepieces

Small and large circumference wrists (15cm - 20cm) bracelets/straps, as well as oversize watches, can be mounted as the springs will compress or expand to size

A "3-dimensional" view of the rotating timepieces becomes possible thanks to the construction's unique dual rotation axes.

Most watch winders only show the watch's dial, but the Black Diamond also exposes the case and straps/bracelets from the side.

The watches rotate at about a 45 inclination whereas the base platter revolves around its vertical axis, optimizing the effects of gravity on the watch rotor.

In a typical operation, the winder starts rotating in one direction and then the other, repeating the cycle for 30 seconds before pausing for 110 seconds and starting again.

This imitates the action of a watch worn on your wrist.

The TPD (Turns Per Day) provided ensures that any Auto-Timepiece is kept ticking and conforms with all manufacturers' TPD specifications, eg BREITLING, OMEGA, ROLEX, PATEK PHILIPPE, etc

This winder is fitted with the ultra-quiet synchronous AC motor from MTE and can be confidently placed on your bedside table

It has a huge load capacity that can handle even the heaviest watches, and the stainless nickel-steel spring mounts will provide secure placement.

Here is a short rundown for those who are more tech-savvy:

The MD Series Synchronous Geared AC Motors are compact yet sturdy motors for applications that need the appropriate motor

A capacitor maintains the direction of rotation.

Due to this electrical design, the direction of rotation can be changed by switches or electronic controls.

 some of the advantages are:

Small installation dimensions
Virtually silent
Maintenance-free (no rubber drive belts, reduction gears etc)
Many accessories available


Technical Data MTE MD Series Synchronous Geared AC Motor:

max. centric load: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
total height max.: 59 mm (2 15/16)
nominal voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz
optional 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz
power consumption: 6 W
quantity of poles: 12
standard rotation speeds: 1 | 2.5 | 5 | 10 rpm
temperature increase: <60 K
permitted ambient temperature: -5 - +40 C
dead weight: 0.2 kg
motor capacitor: 0,22 F (for 220-240 VAC)
0,50 F (for 110-120 VAC)

In summary, these motors are the best and quietest in the business; even the Swiss can't do any better-

The complete collection of images can be viewed by clicking on the LARGE image (top left) to display in "MAXIMUM" view; you can then move forward/backward or use the (play) slide show. 

Below are videos which, being a collection of moving "pictures", presumably 

will "tell" a whole encyclopedia 🙂

Links to the suppliers of the studio LED props are available with purchase, as well as many free screen savers-

Video/Audio of the Black Diamond in action:

Video/Audio of the Black Diamond with Sound-Active LEDs display

Black Diamond free Screen Savers with purchase

Last but not least, it is evident how the Octagon design is mirrored as one's gaze slowly traverses the terrain.

From the octagonal ebony black base, past the actuator with its four posts and finally to the glass Octagonal Pyramid Dome-

The circular LED illumination softens the more complex octagonal theme and creates a pleasing balance.

No doubt Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak would have been an inspiration and would be a perfect match for this Art-winder.

Black diamond watch winder- made in Germany by MYTE

This may be one instance where a Jewellery Case not only complements but possibly outshines its Contents



  • Capacity: Four Timepieces
  • Dimensions: 365W,365D,260H mm
  • Weight: 6Kg approx.
  • Glass Octagonal Pyramid Apex may vary from model to model due to extremely intricate hand-finishing procedures (tempered and nano-coated glass, The edges are UV glued)
  • Super-quiet Synchronous geared AC motor
  • Circular frosted glass LED diffuser (mini LEDs)
  • Auto bi-directional rotation direction
  • Optimised TPD (Turns Per Day); complies with all watch manufacturers' requirements incl. Rolex, Tag, Omega, Patek Philippe etc
  • Many parts hand made (production duration may be up to 3 months (we have two in stock for immediate delivery)
  • Watch-retaining springs: chrome-nickel steel
  • 220-240V AC
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated safety cut-off function
  • Certificate of authenticity showing serial no. & signature
  • 36 months warranty (back to base)
  • PC/Laptop screen savers depicting Black Diamond winder in Outer Space/Galaxy -provided free with purchase
  • Smart LED lights suppliers' Links used for backdrops provided with purchase
  • Shipped in transit-proof custom-designed packaging


Watches, props not included

Recommended for High-End Luxury Timepieces

Black Diamond Watch Winder- made in Germany by MTE

Created For Watch Enthusiasts By Watch Enthusiasts
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