SafePro-3/4 BLDC automatic watch winder for placement in a safe SafePro-3/4 BLDC automatic watch winder for placement in a safe Default Manufacturer Purpose designed automatic watch winder for Safe storage equipped with Brush less DC motors and sophisticated program options Safepro3 SafePro-3_4 View Offer Watch Winder Works
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SafePro-3/4 BLDC automatic watch winder for placement in a safe

SafePro-3/4 BLDC automatic watch winder for placement in a safe
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Select size of Safe Watch Winder*

Select size of Safe Watch Winder

Safepro3 (AUD 893.00)
Sandleford Digital Safe 25L (+ AUD89.-)

Select size of Safe Watch Winder

Sandleford Digital Safe 25L EZ23

This Safe will accommodate the SafePro-3 BLDC automatic watch winder- It cannot be purchased on its own- Offered at a considerable discount when purchased with SafePro-3 BLDC automatic watch winder-

Listed Retail Price for the Safe is $ 155.-

Sandleford Digital Safe 25L EZ23 for Safepro-3 only (AUD 89.00)

Your Watch Winder in action


Video below does not show extended resting periods

Rotations are smooth and gentle

BOXY Battery Pack-Case

Boxy Battery Pack- Case

Boxy Watch Winders

The Battery Power Pack is highly portable and is suitable for situations where an AC power point is not available, e.g. a safe. Our compact and light "Boxy" Brick Automatic Watch Winders can double as a travel companion when used with this Battery Power Pack case! It requires 4x size D batteries (not included) and produces 3V output. The sophisticated inbuilt circuitry continuously monitors the state of the batteries and an LED light will light up red once the voltage drops below 2.2V indicating that the batteries need to be replaced.

Batteries Not Included
Not Required
39.00 (AUD 39.00)

Overview: SafePro-3/4 BLDC automatic watch winder for placement in a safe

 SafePro-3 BLDC triple automatic watch winder- designed for storage in a Safe

Why choose a BLDC (Brushless DC )motor?
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Extremely long service-free lifetime
  • High Energy efficiency (low energy consumption)
  • Unique design incorporating LOW ROTATIONAL SPEED BLDC motor!
SafePro-3 BLDC features:
  • Power Supply: Battery for powered-each rotator (9 months or more battery life; low voltage indicator light will warn approx. 1 month before battery discharge); also supplied USB DC connector cable.
  • Low power consumption BLDC motor
  • Touch button controls for all functions
  • Preset TPD (Turns Per Day) program that covers all manufacturers' recommended settings as well rotation direction controls
  • Dimensions of the winders are such that easily obtainable safes are available to accommodate the winders; multi-shelves will accommodate as many winders
  • Watch mounting cushions are compressible and will fit small and large wrists
  • LED lights illuminate watches for 10seconds after touching any of the controls.
  • 36 months Warranty on Winder & 5 year on BLCD motors!
    The small footprint of this winder allows it to be kept in a safe.

    We offer a compact Sandleford Safe at below retail prices if purchased with the winder (can not be purchased on its own)

    Keeping your timepieces ticking AND SAFE

    Batteries will last approx. 9 months or more; Can also be powered via supplied USB cable (DC plug-in)

    Larger safes are commercially available that have multiple shelves to store this winder

    LED down lights can be activated and automatically switch off after a preset time

    2xSafePro-3 shown below in

    a 3-shelf safe


    SafePro-4 BLCD shown below

    3xSafePro-4 shown below

    in a 4xshelf safe

    different cushion orientation allows small/large sizes of straps/bracelets

    different size watches


    • SafePro-3 BLDC automatic watch winder:  305Wx138HxD230  mm Weight: 5.3Kg
    • SafePro-4 BLDC automatic watch winder:  400Wx138HxD230  mm Weight: 7Kg
    • Sandleford Digital Safe 25L  EZ23-  Internal:403Wx226Hx275D; External; 405Wx230Hx335D  mm  Weight:9Kg

    Recommended for High-End Luxury Timepieces

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