Luxury Display Quad Automatic Watch Winder- made in Germany by MTE- Model: GALAXY Luxury Display Quad Automatic Watch Winder- made in Germany by MTE- Model: GALAXY Default Manufacturer Luxury Display Quad Automatic Watch Winder- made in Germany by MTE; model: GALAXY MTEGALAXY MTEGALAXY 1720.00 Watch Winder Works
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Luxury Display Quad Automatic Watch Winder- made in Germany by MTE- Model: GALAXY

Luxury Display Quad Automatic Watch Winder- made in Germany by MTE- Model: GALAXY
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MTE Galaxy in Action


Video below does not show extended resting periods

Rotations are smooth and gentle

Virtually silent motor!

Hover your mouse over the blank area below & select "Play"


Overview: Luxury Display Quad Automatic Watch Winder- made in Germany by MTE- Model: GALAXY

Watch Winder Works - Australia

Watch Winder Works - Australia


Galaxy quad watch
winder made in Germany by MTE

Luxury Display Quad Automatic Watch Winder - made in Germany by MTE

Model: Galaxy

Fluorescent-diffused light can be switched off
The base is brushed aluminium and is complemented by a smokey hemispherical acrylic dust cover

Quality Electronics made in Germany safeguard your watches (see more detail below)

For safety & secure positioning of your timepieces, spring mounts are lined with a rubber cover. They are expertly manufactured utilising aerospace steel (nickel-chromium alloy steel).

Large watches and bracelets with circumferences between 15cm - 20cm can be mounted since the springs will contract or expand  to fit the wrists.

The construction's special twin rotation axes enable a "3-dimensional" perspective of the revolving watches

The Galaxy exposes the watch's case and straps/bracelets from the side, unlike most watch winders, that only reveal the dial of the timepiece

The base platter revolves around its vertical axis while the watches rotate at a 45 angle to maximise the effects of gravity on the watch rotor

The winder typically starts rotating in one direction, then the other, repeating the cycle for 30 seconds, resting for 110 seconds, and then starting again

This simulates the action of a timepiece that is worn around the wrist

The resulting TPD (Turns Per Day) ensures that any automatic timepiece is kept ticking and conforms with all manufacturer's TPD specifications, including BREITLING, OMEGA, ROLEX, PATEK PHILIPPE, etc.

Galaxy Quad Automatic watch winder- made in Germany by MTE (Motion Tech Engineering)


Precise user instructions

MTE Galaxy Specifications/Features:

    • Design: Automatic Watch Winder for four watches- (suitable for professional use)
    • Motor Housing: Precision Die-cast Zinc Alloy
    • Chrome Nickel Aircraft-Strength Steel Spring (soft rubber pad lining to protect & secure your timepieces)
    • Spring mounts can be compressed or expanded for wrist sizes approx 15-20cm circumference
    • Smoked hemispherical acrylic Dust Cover
    • Suitable for oversize watches
    • High-quality MTE German Motor (see specs below)
    • Virtually Silent (can be placed on bedside table)
    • Easy to use       
    • Electronically controlled -  220/240V AC -OZ-compliant plug        
    • Mains AC powered only       
    • The operating cycle has a continuous sequence of rotations and pauses (electronically controlled)
    • Safety slip clutch
    • Override rotation direction by switching the winder off and then on again
  • Rotations: clockwise, counter-clockwise
  • TPD (Turns Per Day):   comply with all automatic watch manufacturers' TPD specifications e.g. Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer etc 
  • Precise user instructions       
  • 24 months warranty on workmanship & motors/electronics
  • 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee (buyer pays return postage) if the product does not fully meet your expectations      
  • shipped in transit-proof, insured, custom-designed packaging

Weight: 4Kg approx.
Dimensions: H200, W313, D313 mm
Watches not included

This winder can be placed on your nightstand with confidence as it is equipped by an ultra-quiet synchronous AC motor from MTE.

Even the heaviest timepieces may be accommodated due to its enormous weight capacity; The stainless nickel-steel spring mounts will provide a secure placement.

For those who are more tech-savvy, here is a brief description of the motor:

For applications that require the appropriate motor, the MD Series Synchronous Geared AC Motors are small but efficient.
The direction of rotation is maintained by a capacitor.
This electrical setup allows switches or electronic controllers to alter the rotation's direction.

Among the benefits are:

Compact installation specifications
Virtually silent Maintenance-free (no drive belts made of rubber, no reduction gears, etc)
. Many accessories available


Technical Data MTE MD Series Synchronous Geared AC Motor:

max. centric load: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
total height max.: 59 mm (2 15/16)
nominal voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz
optional 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz
power consumption: 6 W
quantity of poles: 12
standard rotation speeds: 1 | 2.5 | 5 | 10 rpm
temperature increase: <60 K
permitted ambient temperature: -5 - +40 C
dead weight: 0.2 kg
motor capacitor: 0,22 F (for 220-240 VAC)
0,50 F (for 110-120 VAC)

In summary, these motors are the best and quietest in the business; even the Swiss can't do any better-

Recommended for High-End Luxury Timepieces

Black Diamond Watch Winder- made in Germany by MTE

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