Fancy BOXY Brick 12x Automatic Watch Winder system-model: 12FB-E4-CLRS -BRILLIANT! Fancy BOXY Brick 12x Automatic Watch Winder system-model: 12FB-E4-CLRS -BRILLIANT! Default Manufacturer New BOXY Fancy Brick 12x Automatic Watch Winder system-Brilliant! choose from 6 super gloss colours : Black, White, Red, Green, Orange, Blue 12FB412 12FB-E4-CLRS 1451.00 Watch Winder Works
Home / Automatic Watch Winders and Accessories / Boxy Brick Modular Systems-Fancy Range (ready-to-use system modules) -up to 12 Bricks / Fancy BOXY Brick 12x Automatic Watch Winder system-model: 12FB-E4-CLRS -BRILLIANT!

Fancy BOXY Brick 12x Automatic Watch Winder system-model: 12FB-E4-CLRS -BRILLIANT!

Fancy BOXY Brick 12x Automatic Watch Winder system-model: 12FB-E4-CLRS -BRILLIANT!
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Your Watch Winder System in action

12FB-E4-CLRS Modular Brick Winder System

Video below does not show extended resting periods

Rotations are smooth and gentle

Internal light sensors monitor the accuracy of the TPD and rotation position and ensure that the selected TPD are completed even when external supply Voltage fluctuates!

Rotations always stop at the same upright position of the watch dial!

Item Options

Choose AC Adapter
Standard AC Adapter -powers up to 12 Bricks-
Optional AC Adapter -Heavy Duty-powers up to 24 Bricks! (NEW) (AUD 10.00)
Other colour combinations


Mix and match your preferred Brick colours; choose from six available glossy colours:

Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow(NEW)
Please enter quantity of each colour
Select base

A choice of two different bases are available for this system:

1- Power Extension Board E4 -available in Standard & Fancy finish:


2- Base Station 4+6 (place four bricks side-by-side with additional drawer for six watches)

 watches not included


Standard E4 Power Board
Fancy Glossy E4 Power Board (AUD 35.00)
Base Station 4+6 (super deal) (AUD 91.00)

Overview: Fancy BOXY Brick 12x Automatic Watch Winder system-model: 12FB-E4-CLRS -BRILLIANT!


THE GLOBAL SUCCESS that has started with the original BOXY brick automatic stackable watch winder...CONTINUES

WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF THE BOXY FANCY BRICK now with state of the art electronics

and a large selection of Super Gloss colours

Watch Winder Works is one of a small select number of authorised "BOXY" brand distributors that stocks the ENTIRE colour range AND accessories for the



model 12FB-E4-CLRS BOXY FANCY Brick 12x automatic watch winder system-Brilliant!

The Power Extension Board-E4 can power 4 bricks side by side up to a total stack of 12 using just a single AC adapter!

A new Heavy Duty AC adapter can now power up to 24 bricks!

model 12FB-E4-CLRS FANCY brick modular automatic watch winder system includes 12x Fancy bricks in your choice of colours,

1x Power Extension Board-E4, 1x AC adapter (standard), precise user manual, polishing cloth and gift presentation boxes

-The 12x system featured is shown from front and side views; you can choose your own 12 colours from the options menu above -

available in seven Super Gloss colours shown below

please select colour combination from the options menu above

This ready to use FANCY BRICK automatic watch winder system for twelve watches contains everything needed to put it to immediate use.

A single AC adapter can power a system stack of up to 12 bricks using our optional Power Extension Board-4, Base Station-4+6 or Timber housing

click here to view the entire range of BOXY BRICK ACCESSORIES

A high-clearance acrylic twist-on dome protects your timepieces from dust and allows an clear view

Even the largest/thickest watch cases can be accommodated easily on the compressible PU foam pillow


Watch mounting pillow will accommodate small/large as well as heavy watches by positioning across two different diameters along the pillow as shown below

you can mix-and-match to your"FANCY's" delight

Delectable choice of Super Gloss colours-  please select when purchasing

The base of each brick exposes the four dip switches which allow 15 individual TPD (turns per day) settings

Your watch will love it!


Four electrical contacts on top and bottom of each BrickAutomaticWatch Winder allow the power to be transmitted through the stack-Brilliant!

The ON/OFF touch control switch on the lower front right blends unobtrusively into the design; an LED glows dimly during operation

A humble paper clip is all that is needed to remove the protective discs prior to stacking another brick to facilitate electrical contact

BOXY brick winder                 

A stylish sophisticated winder to pamper any watch

Some examples of mix-and-match modular stacks/systems

BOXY brick winder

12x bricks is the maximum to fit on the board (A new Heavy Duty AC adapter can power up to 24 bricks); one AC Adapter will power up to twelve bricks!

12FB-E4 System includes:

  • 12x Genuine "Boxy" BrandFANCYBrick Automatic Watch Winders
  • 1x Power Expansion Board-E4
  • 1x OZ compliant AC Adapter
  • Owner's Manual
  • Polishing cloth


  • Design: Genuine "BOXY" Brand FANCY Brick Automatic Watch Winder System for twelve watches
  • Colour: Choose from seven Super Gloss colours- Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow(NEW)
  • Suitable for oversize watches & large diameter bracelets/straps
  • High quality super silent Japanese Mabuchi belt-drive motors
  • Easy to use
  • Electronically controlled - super silent- 100-240V OZ compliant standard AC Adapter (included)
  • Each brick winder module is individually controlled
  • Rotations: clockwise, counter-clockwise or auto bi-directional
  • TPD (turns per day): 650-3600- 15 TPD settings, dip switch controlled; these comply with all automatic watch manufacturers' TPD specifications
  • Precise user instructions
  • 24 months warranty on workmanship & motors/electronics
  • 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee (buyer pays return postage) if the product does not fully meet with your expectations
  • shipped in transit-proof packaging

Dimensions :400Wx110Dx350H mm

Weight: 5.3Kg approx.

Watches not included

Recommended for High-End Luxury Timepieces


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