Boxy Brick Modular Systems -Standard Range (ready-to-use system modules) Boxy Brick Modular Systems -Standard Range (ready-to-use system modules) High quality automatic watch winders. Our automatic watch winders use German or Japanese motors of the highest quality and reliability; We also distribute luxury watch storage boxes and watch movement cuff links, key chains, and other watch jewelry.
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Boxy Brick Modular Systems -Standard Range (ready-to-use system modules)

Boxy Brick Modular Systems -Standard Range (ready-to-use system modules)

Ready to use complete Boxy Brick Modular Automatic Watch Winder systems in various configurations at greatly reduced prices

The standard brick is now available in two styles:

1- Carbon fibre look front panel/matt black body

2- The palette series- offering a choice of 4 high gloss colours (as well as a velour finish) front panels/matt black body:

Orange, Yellow, Black, Green and Soft Plush Black Velour

Standard Boxy Brick Winder short description:

  • main body colour is available in matt black with a carbon fibre look or 5x glossy coloured front panel
  • three TPD (Turns Per Day) settings
  • clock wise, counter clock wise  and auto bi-direction rotation directions

All bricks (Standard and Fancy) are of exactly the same dimensions and therefore interchangeable-

mix and match to your own design!

Below are  some examples of  ready-to use modular systems (feel free to design your own set):


The Fancy brick range is a notch above the standard series

Here is the link to our Fancy BOXY Brick watch winder collection

Luxury Display Boxy Brick Quad Automatic Watch Winder System :-4E4
AUD 432.00 AUD 257.00 (Save 41%)
In Stock
Luxury Display Dual  Automatic Watch Winder System -2B
AUD 206.00 AUD 138.00 (Save 33%)
In Stock
Luxury Display Dual Automatic Boxy Brick watch winder system: -2E2
AUD 234.00 AUD 148.00 (Save 37%)
In Stock
Luxury Display Quad Automatic watch winder System-4B4
AUD 489.00 AUD 323.00 (Save 34%)
In Stock
Luxury Display Quad Boxy Brick Automatic Watch Winder System: -4E2
AUD 384.00 AUD 276.00 (Save 28%)
In Stock
Luxury Display Triple Automatic watch winder system:-3B
AUD 295.00 AUD 207.00 (Save 30%)
In Stock
Quad Boxy Brick Luxury Display Automatic watch winder System-4B
AUD 384.00 AUD 272.00 (Save 29%)
In Stock
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